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Sharing with Wauneta: A new year — so many things to live for. . . PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Wednesday, 16 January 2013 21:48

By Nola Straub

A new year, 2013, has begun and I wonder what this year has to hold. Last year we had many predicting the end. It makes me wonder why so many like to predict doom.We all have so many things to live for - family, friends and helping others.

The farmers in this area had their share of doom as well with the lack of water . . . but they even have reason to hope. William Jennings Bryan on July 8, 1896, quoted, “Burn down your cities and leave your farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic, but destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.”

I could not wait to move when I was 17. Now, I just hope I can live on my parents’ farm until I am no more. I enjoy the expansive sunsets from my west front door and sometimes I get up early enough to see the sunrises in the east. I believe there must have been a creation with purpose. I love to see the crops grow around me as well as the garden.

Years ago I had a black walnut cake at Della Merrill’s house. I was impressed but . . .black walnuts are hard to pick out of the shell! I have never had a recipe but located this one in a Nebraska Cookbook, but have not tried it. Thought I would put it in the column and if you have one that is tried and true, please mail it in.


Black Walnut Cake

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cream: 1 c. butter, 2 c. sugar

Add: 4 well beaten eggs

Alternate: 3 c. flour, 3 tsp. baking powder, 1 c. cold water

Mix well. Add 1 1/2 c. black walnuts. Bake at 350 degrees in a 9x12-inch pan until it comes away from sides.

Next summer I hope to pick some black walnuts and try it.

“Looking at old fashioned recipes reminds me of things my mother used to do.”


Adding dumplings to soups when we did not have crackers in the house.



1 egg

1/2 egg shell of milk

3/4-1 c. flour

Beat egg with fork. Add rest of ingredients and blend until lumps disappear. Drop by small amounts into the hot chicken broth. Cook 10-20 min. (Two egg shells of milk makes dumpling softer and lighter.)


Corn Cob Jelly

Mobile Maids

Extension Club

In McCook our club made this jelly and poured it into baby food glass jars and sealed with paraffin to sell for a money maker. We got the fresh corn cobs from a farm and gathered at one house and made them.

14 large red corn cobs

1 3/4-oz. package Sure-Jell

3 c. sugar

Rinse cobs well in sink of fresh water to remove chaff. In kettle cover cobs with water and boil gently 30 min. A large quantity of water is needed as cobs absorb much of the water. Strain the liquid though pre-washed muslin cloth (We had an extra pan boiling in case we ran low.) Measure 3 cups and transfer into another pan. Stir in Sure-Jell and bring to a full rolling boil. Add the sugar and return to boiling. Boil for 1 min. or until mixture forms jelly when left to stand on a spoon. Remove from heat and skim top to remove foam. Pour into jars leaving room to seal with paraffin. Makes 2 pints.

With the small baby food jars we made several batches so we would have more to sell for about 50-75¢ each. It was fun as we took turns at each of the jobs. We each bought several jars to share with our families, too. Our president had tried a single batch and bought it to our meeting to convince us to taste it and get us to do it.


Old Fashioned

Peach Cobbler

Nevada Trickel

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2 c. fresh peaches

1/2 c. sugar

1 c. sugar

1 stick butter

1 c. all purpose flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1 c. whole milk

Combine peaches and 1/2 cup sugar; let stand 20 min. Melt margarine in 1 1/2 quart baking dish in oven. Sift together flour, 1 c. sugar and baking powder. Add milk and stir briskly - some lumps will remain. Pour into baking dish of melted butter; top with peaches. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 min.


Quick and Easy

Cherry Crisp

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

2 (21-oz.) cans cherry pie filling

1 1/2 c. quick or old fashioned oats, uncooked

1/3 c. butter melted

1/3 c. brown sugar, firmly packed

1/3 c. flour

1 tsp. cinnamon

Heat oven to 375 degrees. Spoon pie filling into an 8-inch square baking dish. Combine remaining ingredients; mix well and sprinkle over pie filling. Bake 25-30 min. or until topping is golden brown.


Send any recipes to: Share with Wauneta, P. O. Box 303, Wauneta, Neb. 69045.