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Area youth practice bull riding skills at the Chase County Fair Mutton Bustin’ event PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 23 August 2012 17:26

Siblings Erika and Koltar Rahn compete in the Chase County Fair Mutton Bustin’ contest Friday.
Here, Erika heads out of the chute to the middle of the arena.

By Sheri Hink

The Wauneta Breeze


The Mutton Bustin’ event at the 2012 Chase County Fair was a popular event. Almost 60 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds tried their hands at sheep wrangling during the event. An additional 17 under 5 years old participated in the exhibition event.

Participants in the regular event each received a trophy for their efforts.

Doug Dean served as the announcer during the event and Dale Vrbas, Mike Nelson and Sam Sutton served as judges. Clayton Esslinger was the rodeo clown who helped the kids along the way.

Results from the list are provided below:


Exhibition Only

(Under 5 years old)

(No trophies)

Girls: Addison Baker, Harley Markee, Hayley Rusher.

Boys: Gavyn Maris, Zach Statz, Kyson Vogt, Caleb Stamm, Westen Manley, Tucker Mollendor, Spencer Kelley, Cole Pankonin, Dominic Harris, Miles Hanes, Kaden Dorn, Jack Johnson, Kye Terryberry.


5 Years Old

Girls: Winner: Nevaeh Martin, 4.32; Erica Rahn, 1.1; Alex Jo Johnson, 1.9; Jasmine Johnson, 0.6; Addisen Leibbrandt, 1.72; Shalissa Bigham, N/T; Gabbie White, N/T; Peyton Owens, 2.50; Riley Rusher, 1.72.

Boys: Winner: Maxwell Schilke, 5.88; Jared Hattendorf, 1.08; Camron Lempke, 1.88; Kaden Vogt, 3.00; Trevin Moreno, 1.00; Austin Smith, 3.62; Destry Russell, N/T; Jaret Manley, 4.53; Bailey Cook, 1.78; Beau Weiss, 4.43; Bradley Speaker, 1.78; Tristan Jablonski, 2.28; Thomas Reeves, 1.94; Sebastian Harris, 1.66; Jake Deaver, 1.65; Gavin Wisnieski, 1.09; Andrew Wiest, 2.75; Judd Johnson, N/T; Aden Acton, .93.


6 Years Old

Girls: Winner: Krystal Smith, 6.50; Faith Morris, N/T; Katelyn Stamm, 3.57; Addison Robinson, 5.28; Myla Brown, Scratch; Rebekah Vaverek, 1.09; Brooke Schilke, 1.01; Kathya Aragon, 1.34; Hailey Markee, 1.94.

Boys: Winner: Trey Oakley, 6.37; Tyler O’Neil, 1.15; Grant Statz, 3.19; Walker Mollendor, 4.25; Sean Heerman, 1.96; Jason Nelson, 1.25; Zach Herbert, 1.19; Mason Wallin, 2.03.


7 Years Old

Girls: Winner: McKenzie Vogt, 2.47; Laura Vaverek, 1.90; Madelynn Hanes, 1.16; Keirsten Colton, 1.07; Sydnee Acton, 1.25.

Boys: Winner: JJ White, 4.22; Cayden White, 3.00; Braxton Maris, 1.22; Koltar Rahn, 1.78; Kevin Dannatt, 2.56; Carter Leibbrandt, 1.15; Josh Jager, 1.57.