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Mi Vida Loca: eye glasses craziness PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 31 May 2012 13:00

By Davon DaMoude


A few months ago my daughter told me her eye glasses bow was loose, so her dad checked them out and yes, they needed a professional’s assistance. So we told her to be careful until we could get to McCook and have them checked out.

When we got to McCook the eye care employee told her that since they were not from Wal-Mart they could not fix them, she needed to go to Lens Crafters.

So, we encouraged her to just be very careful until we could travel east or west. As it happened, a couple weeks later we did have to travel east for a family function and Lens Crafters fixed the problem. Problem solved!

Then about a month ago my son came home with his glasses in an envelope, stating they were hit by a ball in P.E. or recess. Here we go again!

This time a trip was needed that evening, so a call to eye care at Wal-Mart was placed and the road trip was taken.

The eye care associate stated on the phone that since the glasses were not from there they could not be fixed, but the lenses could be ground down to fit into new frames.

So, while at the eye care center the quite difficult search began, and after a multitude of frames were tried on. Some my son liked, but were not a close match to his existing lenses, or disliked and were a close match. Finally, we reached a compromise. New frames we had. Problem solved!

A few days ago my Mom and sister went to McCook for supplies and I had another appointment in town so could not go. Well, I had the bright idea to clean my glasses prior to the appointment, and my glasses broke. Oh this couldn’t be happening again!

Well my glasses only broke a couple hours after my family left town, so once again the wait for a trip to McCook began. I at least have contacts to get me through.

A trip to McCook went by, and the glasses stayed at home. Try again later. My husband called late one afternoon, and an unexpected trip with work was taking us east so the glasses are packed, and they will be fixed!

Mi Vida Loca! What next? And yes, my husband’s glasses will be checked out on this trip also, because this has been a crazy last few months! I need a break (no pun intended) from the wear and tear of the eye glasses world!

Word to all you reading this, expensive gemstones are not the only thing that need repair and maintenance checks. The “It won’t happen to me” may be just around the corner for you also.


DAVON DAMOUDE is a wife and mother to two children aged 14 and 12. She and her family live in Imperial.

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