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Nursing home issues dominate Village Board’s May agenda PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 24 May 2012 17:02

By Sheri Hink

The Wauneta Breeze


The Wauneta Village Board met May 8 during their regular meeting time.

Much of the meeting was spent discussing various issues surrounding the purchase of the nursing home.

Although the impending purchase of the nursing home by the Village of Wauneta still weighs heavy on the village board meeting agendas, the air of their discussions are less filled with “what ifs” and “if we can do its.” Now that the fundraising goal has been met, the contract signed and the revenue bonds approved, the board is moving on to the business of making the purchase happen.

Last Tuesday the board conducted several pieces of business relating to the nursing home purchase.

First, they established a nursing home committee. Page Johnston, Tony Cribelli and Lloyd Sinner were appointed to the committee. Only two members will attend any given meeting of the committee.


Nursing home insurance needs

Terry Engelll and Rick Einspahr with Hometown Agency attended the meeting at the request of board members to discuss insurance options for the nursing home.

Engell and Einspahr explained to the board that the property and contents of the nursing home can be added to the existing insurance policy held by the Village. It is possible that vehicles purchased for the nursing home can be added to the Village’s existing insurance policies as well.

They went on to explain that general liability, linebackers coverage and workmans compensation coverage will need to be purchased in policies separate from the current policies held by the Village.

The Village board has also begun discussing possible health care coverage for nursing home employees. The board recognized at the meeting that this was an important benefit for nursing home employees and expressed hopefulness that they will be able to continue to provide some level of coverage.

Engell and Einspahr have already begun looking into health insurance options for the nursing home. They informed the board that 24 of the 60 current nursing home employees are taking advantage of health insurance offered by Vetter Health Services now.

The board directed Engell and Einspahr to meet with Rural Health Development representatives and the entities who did the feasibility study for the nursing home purchase to see how the health insurance quotes pulled thus far match up.

The board also gave the agency permission to contact the nursing home in order to ask staff to complete health insurance applications. These applications will allow the agency to bring more accurate quotes to the June meeting. They were asked to work with the administrator and RHD through the process.

The insurance representatives were instructed to bring their findings back to the June village board meeting and to discuss any interim needs with the nursing home committee.


Other nursing home business

Lisa Kisinger, Heritage of Wauneta administrator, was a guest at the meeting and reported that the nursing home is now ranked as a four out of five star facility.

She and Johnston explained the naming process, mentioned in another news story on page one, to the board.

It was also reported that Mike Harris, a RHD representative, is in process of working on transition paperwork in preparation for the July 1 transition to village ownership.

Johnston reported that the village board currently has one bid for the cost to upgrade the sprinkler system. They recently learned of another company in the area and will contact them for a second bid.

The board briefly discussed the amount they plan to draw down from the approved revenue bonds. The village has been approved to take up to $500,000 in revenue bonds. No action was taken on the amount to draw down at the May meeting, the issue will be addressed and acted upon at the June meeting.


Substation rebuild

The board approved spending $28,880 to cover labor costs to repair the substation, an alley and possibly replace electrical poles.

Village superintendent Bill Bischoff explained to the board that IES, a company that has done electrical work for the village in the past, is currently working in Stratton. The company contacted Bischoff to say that they could complete the needed substation rebuild at a considerable discount if the board approved the work to be done while the company was in the area.

Bischoff explained that the current structure is most likely the original structure built and has begun tipping to one side. Sinner and Bischoff took a tour of the structure and both agree that repairs are needed.

IES has proposed that they complete two week’s work in Wauneta including the substation repairs and work in an alley for $28,880. If these two projects are completed in less than two weeks they will replace poles for the village.

IES guarantees they will complete the substation and alley work in the two week time period. The quoted cost, which includes a substantial cut on mobilization fees and a break on labor, does not include the supplies needed to complete the work.

In order to repair the substation and replace the transformer at the substation the village will have to take a temporary power outage. Bischoff indicated that IES is willing to accommodate the village in the timing of the outage. Bischoff is shooting for a Sunday afternoon outage. The public will be notified in advance of the outage.

Swimming pool

Evelyn Skelton, Village clerk, and Bischoff reported to the board that they feel the village is close to having a pool manager, most likely two pool managers in a job sharing situation. They also reported that the days and hours the pool is open may have to be altered due to the difficulty in finding a manager for the season.

Bischoff also reported that the small diving board at the pool is split and can not be used this year. The board approved spending $3,200 of Keno money to purchase a new diving board.


Clerk’s report

Skelton asked the board for direction on what to do with $5,131.95 which remains after paying for the new sign for the Medical Clinic. The money was donated by Randall Raile for community betterment.

Board members directed Skelton to earmark the money for now. A village official may speak to Randy Raile about possibly using the money to make repairs/improvements to the walking trail around the park.

The village recently recieved a donation of $2,851.58 designated to benefit the park and the same amount designated to benefit the cemetery. After discussion, the board directed Skelton to discuss the donations with Lela Hamilton to see if there is a preference on how to spend the money.

Skelton reported that the village had received a letter from the Department of Economic Development in regards to the Community Development Block Grant the village had received. There is a balance of $30,349 in unspent CDBG grant money as of December. The letter directed the village to either return the money or have an audit. She reported that several other area towns had received similar letters. The village has 60 days to respond to the letter. No action was taken at the May meeting.


Other business

Shane Anderson was appointed as chair of the Park and Tree Committee, replacing Joyce Grimm.

The Wauneta Village board’s regular meeting time is the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. MT. The public is welcome to attend Village board meetings.