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Letter to the “Extended” Family PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 02 February 2012 18:05

Letter to the “Extended” Family of Wauneta

Yes, “extended family” is the appropriate term at this point since this letter seeks to address the situation with Heritage of Wauneta. The number ‘60’ has been used when considering the number of residents. Here comes the “extended” reference.

Fewer than half of those 60 actually live in Wauneta. Although a majority of the 30 come from Wauneta, a sizeable number do not.

The point is, Wauneta is not in this situation alone. If you’re sitting in, say, Enders, Hamlet, Palisade, even Imperial, maybe McCook, some other Nebraska town, or even in a location in some other state, you’re part of the extended family. The plight of Heritage has an impact on you. It’s a “home” thing.

Heritage is fighting for its survival and the cause needs your help.

A tremendous amount of sweat equity has been poured into the effort to save Heritage, a fact about which we should all be very thankful.

That small cadre of folks has done a fantastic job of taking the time to put all mechanisms in line to see to it that Heritage does not leave Wauneta.

The effort has covered all bases, but has one last hurdle to clear, that being the last bit of financial help that is needed. That’s where all the members of the extended family of Wauneta can have a direct impact.

Briefly, the argument in favor of Heritage’s survival is a given. Most of the 30 residents are lifelong residents of the Wauneta area. Having to split up would sever many lifelong friendships that are still being enjoyed.

Every employee of Heritage would, of course, be thrown out of a job, but, let me assure you that those 60 are much more than a number.

I regularly visit Heritage (my mother, Lucille, is a resident) and always leave with a deeper respect and appreciation of the loving, caring, PROFESSIONAL folks employed there.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed getting somewhat acquainted with the numerous high school kids that get a job there.

And then there are more numbers, the impact Heritage has to offer, the loss of the utility income derived from the presence of Heritage.

And then there’s the issue of, “so, what do we do with an empty building up there on a hill in Wauneta?”

In last week’s issue of The Wauneta Breeze it was pointed out that no donation is too large or too small. Every little bit counts.

This is where we of the extended family can have a direct influence on the outcome of this venture.

Let me assure you, it’s worthwhile. Who knows? Wherever it is that you’re sitting while reading this, when the time comes for you or a loved one to decide where to go to spend life’s final years, Heritage should be one of those choices.

Again, since we’re all part of the extended family, it’s now up to us. It’s easy to sit back and say, “Aw, someone else’ll take care of it. This doesn’t affect me.” But it does.

It’s family. It needs our support.


A member of the family,

Lynn McBride

Shelton, Neb.


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