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It’s about Time PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 15 December 2011 16:12

By Nancy Frecks

Extension Educator

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension SW 4


In three short weeks families will be ringing in the New Year! We may be thinking out loud, where did the year go? This is already the last month of 2011 and our family didn’t get several things done we had hoped to. Regretting will not bring time back. We can; however, make the best of the time we have left in the remaining days of December.

·Set Goals—With your family decide what needs to done. Is it making an appointment with your tax advisor or accountant to do some year end financial planning? Or is it updating your medical insurance coverage to meet your family’s current needs? For other families it may be finishing holiday shopping by December 15.

·Prioritize—Make a “to do” list. Several time management experts advise that taking the steps to write down what needs to be accomplished is very helpful. By writing tasks down it helps avoid forgetting an important deadline or the feeling of being over whelmed. Some things need to be done today or tomorrow. Other things on the list could probably wait until another day. Put the most difficult or time consuming tasks at the top of the list. Cross projects off the list as your family completes them.

·Conquer Procrastination—When you or your family members are avoiding something or don’t want to do a particular task, break it into smaller tasks or jobs. Or set a timer and work on the big task for 30 minutes each day. Eventually you’ll reach a point where you’ll want to finish the task at hand.

·Look at Time Wasters—When you started the day knowing what needed to be done but didn’t get the projects completed, figure out what happened. Did you try to do too much or didn’t allow enough time for interruptions? Or did a constant stream of e-mails, social networking posts or needless phone calls get you off track? Refocus by asking yourself or your family members “What is the most important thing we can be doing with our time right now?”

In summary, time is a unique resource. We can do only two things with time: Use it now or lose it forever. Use the remaining time you have this year to help your family focus on what is most important and give you a much needed sense of direction.

Remember to celebrate with your family the achievement of small successes this past year. This will help keep you motivated to get more of what you want from the time you have.

For further information on this topic, visit the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension website at and search for the publication “It’s about Time: Time Management Simplified” G1771 or contact your local UNL Extension office.