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Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 17 November 2011 15:54

By Nola Straub

Cornucopias filled with plenty = Apples, Grapes, Oranges, Nuts, Onions, Pumpkins, Squashes, Raisins, Zucchini! Busy women are looking for easy recipes to prepare this time of year with all the holidays and festivities. Share with Wauneta any of these time savers you have for Appetizers, Breads, Casseroles, Dips, Salads, Candies, Cookies, Cakes, Cupcakes, Pies, Punches, Salads, Squash, Snacks, Potatoes, or Vegetables.


Waunda’s Squash


Frances Rhoades

Brown sliced squash and diced onion for 15 min. in the microwave.

Crumble raw hamburger, seasoned with salt and pepper. Microwave 7 min. Stir and heat in microwave for 7 more min. Then add:

Tomatoes, chopped; microwave 10 min.

Top with grated cheese, microwave 5 min. Cool a little on trivet on the table and serve to eat.


Quick French Toast

Frances Rhoades

Adapted from old 1945 Crisco cookbook for weight watcher points.

1/3 c. flour

1/3 c. milk

1 egg

2 slices stale bread or French bread

Mix ingredients well, then dip in halves of bread. Fry in small amount of Canola oil, serve immediately with favorite syrup, jam or powdered sugar. Frances favors light raspberry syrup.


Quilter Marge’s


Nola’s Collection

6 oz. pkg. chocolate chips

1/2 c. sugar

1/4 c. light corn syrup

1/4 c. water

2 1/2 c. vanilla wafer crumbs

1 c. chopped nuts

1 tsp. orange extract.

Melt chocolate chips in double boiler or microwave. Stir in 1/2 cup sugar and corn syrup. Blend in water. Combine crumbs and nuts, and orange extract. Mix well. Form into 1 inch balls. Roll them in sugar for dipping and let ripen in covered container for several days. These candies improve in flavor when stored.

By Marge Reeder


(Many Flavors) = Cream Cheese Mints

Nola’s Collection

3 c. powdered sugar

3 oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened

1 tbsp. butter

Flavoring Choices

Chocolate Dip:

12 oz. almond bark

6 oz. pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 tsp. cooking oil

1/2 of 5” bar paraffin (2.5”)

1. Cream together sugar, cream cheese, and butter. By hand work into a smooth ball. Divide into 3 portions.

2. Flavor and color each portion as desired. (See Note below.)

By hand work flavoring and coloring into each candy third until desired color.

3. Roll each 1/3 portion flavored into small balls.

4. To prepare chocolate dip, melt together almond bar, chocolate chips, oil and paraffin in top of double boiler.

5. Dip mints into chocolate. Let excess drip off. Cool on waxed paper and wrap in colored candy papers, if desired.

Note: Buy the small .25 oz. bottles of flavoring for each 1/3 of candy. I flavor with my choices of the following combinations.

1. 1 bottle of cherry flavoring and red food color**

2. 1 bottle of wintergreen and green food color**

3. 1 bottle of spearmint and blue food color**

4. 1 bottle of Maple-pecan and orange food color**

5. 1 bottle of Maple-pecan and leave no coloring.

**Add as much coloring to get desired color for your candy thirds.

By Sara Wilson


I went to buy linoleum recently and they had cookies! At a portrait class Karen Patton has made brownies and cuts them into one inch squares. When I took a cookie it was dipped in white chocolate and allowed to harden on wax paper. Inside was a one inch square of brownie. Another one had peanut butter plus something like Karo syrup to sweeten inside of a dark chocolate coating. I imagine they were balled and a toothpick stuck into flattened bottom and frozen with toothpick in bottom to stick them in the melted chocolate. I, of course, asked for the recipe but was told a friend had made them and I would have to get ahold of her.

Share some of your holiday recipes with Wauneta.


Fall Apple Dip

Nola’s Collection

Makes two cups.

8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened

3/4 c. brown sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

1 c. chopped peanuts

Combine and mix well. Spoon this dip into a small serving bowl and set it in the middle of a larger tray.

Golden Delicious apples

Orange juice

Cut cores out of apples, slice into wedges and dip into orange juice. Arrange around the dip onto the rim of the platter and serve.


Wash and stem grapes, black, green and red, into small bunches and put into a clear glass bowl and serve to enjoy. Most people enjoy a few grapes at a party.

Think of anything in a cornucopia for the fall season and Thanksgiving. With all the troubles this country has bounty for all of us. One nation under God still. . .


Send recipes/memories to: Sharing with Wauneta, P.O Box 303, Wauneta, NE 69045.