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Knotwell’s morally-charged analysis of Keystone XL pipeline insightful PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Thursday, 10 November 2011 18:57

As Dr. James Knotwell points out in his letter to the editor (“Tragedy of Keystone XL pipeline debacle is the loss of local sovereignty” Wauneta Breeze, Nov. 4, 2011) the Keystone XL project is a perfect example of corporate sovereignty trumping the needs of individual localities and regions.

Oil company spokespeople say our economy cannot grow without the dirty crude of the Alberta tar sands, when what they really mean is that their balance sheets won’t grow nearly as fast.

TransCanada’s advocates cynically trade off the pipeline’s inevitable environmental and health impacts with the sop of a few locally-based jobs.

Dr. Knotwell’s morally-charged analysis gains force when applied on larger scales of place and time.

Extracting the tar sands’ oil endangers the environment upon which all earthly life depends; the CO2 released into the atmosphere is going to take centuries to dissipate — and our civilization will be threatened in ways we can barely imagine. An economy in which corporate profits outrank the long-term survival and prosperity of our species is profoundly immoral.



Warren Senders

Medford, Mass