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Wauneta team captures third place in coed softball tournament PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Friday, 12 August 2011 19:20

The Prestige Team of Imperial took first place in Imperial’s cross-county coed softball tournament for the third straight year, emerging undefeated following three evenings of tournament play.

The Alex Strand team of Imperial claim runner-up status after falling to Prestige, 11-4 in the championship game.

The Kitt Team of Wauneta took third place, their only losses of the season coming at the hands of the Prestige and Alex Strand teams.

The Wauneta Crossroads Team finished the tournament in fifth place after battling into the third night of play where they suffered their second tournament loss. The Fanning Team of Wauneta suffered two losses on the opening night knocking them out of the tournament.


July 31 tournament games

Game 1—Fanning over Lighthouse 15-10

Game 2—Wauneta Crossroads-Bye

Game 3—Brian Strand over Sis 2-0

Game 4—Lighthouse Young Guns over Pivot 22-16

Game 5—Prestige over Fanning 13-12

Game 7—Alex Strand over Brian Strand 13-2

Game 8—No Docs over Lighthouse Young Guns 12-1

Game 10—Pivot over Fanning 15-9

Aug. 1 tournament games

Game 6—Kitt over Wauneta Crossroads 16-13

Game 9—Wauneta Crossroads over Sis 15-1

Game 11—Lighthouse Young Guns over Lighthouse Muskets 13-3

Game 12—Brian Strand- Bye

Game 13—Prestige over Kitt 10-5

Game 14—Alex Strand over No Docs 10-7

Game 15—Wauneta Crossroads over Pivot 25-10

Game 16—Lighthouse Young Guns over Brian Strand 20-11

Aug. 2 tournament games

Game 17—No Docs over Wauneta Crossroads 13-0

Game 18—Kitt over Lighthouse Young Guns 20-11

Game 19—Prestige over Alex Strand 15-12

Game 20—Kitt over No Docs 9-6

Game 21—Alex Strand over Kitt 21-11

Game 22—Prestige over Alex Strand 11-4

Order of finish—Prestige, Alex Strand (Smurfs), Kitt, No Docs, Wauneta Crossroads and Lighthouse Young Guns, Pivot and Brian Strand, Sis and Lighthouse Muskets and Fanning.

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