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Employment scams can cost you PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Sunday, 28 November 2010 17:25

Guest Column

By Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning


To subsidize seasonal gift buying or travel, you or someone you know may be looking for extra work over the holidays. When searching for ways to supplement your income, Internet or newspaper employment ads that publicize big pay checks for little effort can be tempting. Unfortunately, what you thought could make you money could cost you much more.

Bogus jobs can look great on the surface, but can land you in deep water. It’s important to trust your instincts when dealing with offers that seem too good to be true — most of the time, they are.

Cash-handling Scam

One type of phony job offer requires you to deposit checks or money orders, or accept wired funds into your personal bank account. To earn a commission, you are asked to wire the balance somewhere else (often foreign countries). Many times, you are really being asked to launder funds obtained fraudulently. Legal problems, potentially including criminal charges, could follow.


Advanced-Fee Scam

Another scam offer asks you to process packages or perform tasks from home such as medical billing or envelope stuffing. In order to participate, an up-front payment must be made.

Invariably, the promised profits are never realized and you lose the up-front fee.

There are a few simple ways to guard yourself against falling prey to employment scams. Don’t do business with any entity you do not know or trust. Don’t take a job that requires an up-front payment. Remember that once you wire money, it is nearly impossible to track and recover funds.

Never give personal information, like your bank account number, in response to an unsolicited job offer or accept money deposits from an unknown source.

Above all, remember that no one is looking for ways to make you easy money.

If you are unsure about a company, contact our Consumer Protection Division toll-free at (800)727-6432 or online at