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Written by Wauneta Breeze   
Wednesday, 17 December 2008 21:53
    The Breeze editorial board -- both of us -- are ecstatic about the many changes taking place right now nationally, regionally, and right here in our little office.
    First off, there are oodles of changes going on in our nation.
    During this frightening economic and tumultuous diplomatic time, the time is nigh for our newly-elected officials to take the reins and do the best for the people of this land.
    In asking our local citizens to throw their ardent support behind all of our elected leaders and the difficult tasks ahead of them, we also ask that you continue the act of speaking truth to power and holding our leaders accountable.
    It is, after all, a very important and patriotic act.
    With great admiration, we bid fond regards to those stepping down from office. To those who continually served their constituents with grace for the greater good, we offer our praise and a hearty thanks.
    To those stepping down from office because of their involvement in the corrupt practices plaguing our government, we hope justice is as swift for you as that door hitting you in the rump on the way out.
    We also recognize that our new leaders on the local, county, district, state and national levels truly have their work cut out for them and hope they’re up to the task.
    Even at this unsettling time in our country’s vast history, we carry a great amount of hope. We wait in breathless anticipation for the changes President-elect Barack Obama promises to bring to the home of the brave.
    It’s been exhilarating to see his cabinet-level choices and we are feeling reinvigorated by the wisdom he’s shown in his nominations.
    Another welcome change comes from knowing that while some are already discussing the 2012 election, we can all go a couple years without hearing about it ad nauseam.    
    Yes, we’re quite relieved the election is over, and acknowledge a need to pray for the safety of Obama.
    Much of the misinformation shared about him as a means of frightening voters during the election process has whipped some of the wackier fringe groups into a frightening frenzy.
    Let’s also pray those people can make their own change to deny their prejudices and preconceived notions of what his presidency means to us.
    We also bid adieu to sitting President Bush.
    While we didn’t agree with many of his decisions while in office, we hope the next chapter in his life is devoid of the kind of turmoil he experienced while holding the highest office in the land.
    With respect, we offer him a fond farewell.

Breeze changes
    As we at the Breeze gear up for the end of this year and the beginning of a new one, we face many changes not limited to getting accustomed to writing the new year on our checks.
    Dave Vrbas re-joined the staff and Nola Straub begins her cooking column this week -- two changes we’re extremely excited about.
    One of the other more noticeable changes here at the office is on our Web page. Our publishers chose a redesign we think is far more conducive to sharing the instant information our readers crave.
    We think it’s a perfect complement to our printed product and we encourage you to enjoy both as we constantly seek to make them a reflection of life here in our neck of the prairie.
    Plus, we just think the website looks pretty nifty. Check it out at
    So, as we near the end of 2008, we hope you’ll join us in embracing all the changes afoot and wish you all a holiday season filled with blessings and peace.